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Hawaii or Caribbean

Popular question we have been getting lately has been Hawaii or Caribbean?

Both are fabulous tropical islands but depending where you live and what you have in mind for vacation and are both very different options.

I am located in Nashville and to fly to Caribbean is a much shorter flight than it would be for Hawaii. The Caribbean offers all inclusive and all adult resorts where Hawaii does not offer this.

What type of vacation do you have in mind? Are you wanting to be pampered and relax while it is all taken care of at an all inclusive or are you wanting to rent a car and explore the island of Hawaii?

Truthfully you can't go wrong with either decision as they are both equally desired getaways. Obliviously not all the Caribbean Islands are equal but I would say in my opinion St Lucia Island is the most comparable to Hawaii out of all the Caribbean Islands.

St Lucia has so much to offer on the island. You have hiking, mudbath, waterfalls, horseback riding, fishing, golf, etc so much exploring and history similar to Hawaii.

Why not plan both Hawaii and Caribbean? You can always travel to the other for an anniversary vacation.

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