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Tipping Beaches & Sandals Resorts

Sandals & Beaches Resorts is one of the only all-inclusive resorts that does not allow tipping.

At Sandals, your wallet gets a vacation too. ... You may pay more for premium brands at other resorts or they may be included only during set times, but not at Sandals. So who do you tip when travelling on vacation to Sandals or Beaches Resorts?

How much do you tip your butlers?

The butlers full time job is to pamper you while on vacation. They want to make sure you have the best vacation. From the moment you arrive your butler will assist you with carrying your bags, getting checked into your room, making dinner reservations, etc. Normally at Sandals & Beaches Resort you will have three butlers during your stay. You will only have one butler at a time as they rotate their times and days.

Although a butler will accept tipping at anytime during your stay, we recommend to tip at the end of your stay. On average guests tip any where from $20 to $40 (USD) a day depending on how much you see the butler and how much they do during your stay. You can hand your butler a cash tip, but when we travel we always ask the front desk for envelopes and add a note inside. At check out if he or she is not available we leave the envelope at the front desk with their name on it.

What about Cabana beds?

You can rent a private cabana for a full day or half a day. With this service at Sandals & Beaches Resorts you will be assigned a butler who can bring you drinks, food and anything else. It is up to the 2 of you if you wish to tip for this service. Since sometimes you may only use the cabana for a few hours.

What about the transportation from the airport to the resort?

The transportation is included with Sandals unless you upgraded to private car transportation or helicopter (ask us for details). The drivers will pick you up at the airport and help assist with your luggage. Typically with Sandals & Beaches Resorts the drivers are contracted out therefore they can accept tips. Tipping is totally up to you and tip as you wish but I typically tip on average $5.

What about golf?

Sandals & Beaches Resorts have a few resorts that offer golf- Sandals La Toc, Sandals Emerald Bay, Sandals Ochi and Sandals Royal Plantation.

A fee additional fees apply for golf such as buying golf balls, renting clubs, etc (contact us for more details). Caddy you can tip this person after playing golf if you wish.

What about spa?

Red Lane spa is one of the best in the Caribbean. After your service at the spa the attendants are allowed to receive tips from guests. On average 20% tip. However you can tip as you wish. Note Red Lane Spa adds a service charge to your bill which covers standard tip so may not want to tip additional since this fee is typically applied.

What about tours outside of the resort?

Any tours you book with outside of the resort tipping is allowed. You can tip USD cash for this if you like as typically they don't have anyway to process your credit card for tipping on tours.

So how much cash should we bring with us? Should we exchange our money before travelling?

USD cash tipping is fine. If you are worried about travelling with cash you can charge tips to your credit card (be sure to call your credit card before travelling to let them know where you are travelling). Note fees may apply for using your credit card in another country (ask your credit card how much the fees may cost).

Thanks Carlie

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