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Packing For Tropical Getaway

Packing For Your Honeymoon

Packing for the honeymoon can be stressful. One of the top questions we get asked is what should I pack for my honeymoon?

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Tip 1: Pack one full change of clothes, any necessary medicines, and a swimsuit. This way if your luggage gets lost you’ll still have everything you can still have a great time once you arrive at the resort.

Tip 2: Another recommendation if your luggage is lost you can slip a piece of paper in each piece of your luggage that includes you travel itinerary. We recommend on the piece of paper to have the following; Travel date, your names, flight number, hotel name, your contact info. Do the same for your travel home itinerary as well. If your luggage is lost while traveling the airline will know exactly how to find you easier. You can also list the name of your travel agency- Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere, llc with our phone number (615)512-7764.

Tip 3: Your passport or id must match your airline tickets and since you won’t have time to officially change your last name before the wedding, you’ll want to keep your maiden last name for a week longer. I actually have married couples who travel with their maiden name on the passport for years. Again you just want to make sure your airline tickets match your name on the passport. We recommend to take with you a copy of your marriage certificate to show going through customs.

Below is our recommendations for what is most popular for your honeymoon beach/tropical getaway. This is standard packing list if staying shorter or longer you will have to adjust your packing as you wish.

  • Lingerie/Underwear (sexy AND legitimately comfortable — you will want both); strapless bra OPTIONAL depending on your outfit choices

  • A pair of Lightweight Pajamas (but only bring 1 -2 pairs of PJs, max)

  • Swimsuits (you only really need 2)

  • A few Coverups (this can be a jersey knit dress, just something easy to throw on and off — no jean shorts; this can also be something you wear first to a meal and then to the beach)

  • Light Cardigan/Lightweight Jacket (that will match most things – sometimes the restaurants are chilly; bring 1 – 2)

  • Nice-ish Dress (knit jersey is great for this if it’s a little fancier in style, otherwise a sundress or casual-nice dress is good — it’s fun to dress up a little for formal dinners but you don’t have to go too fancy)

  • Sandals (at least two pairs, one that’s nicer — you’ll wear these everywhere, exclusively)

  • Flip-Flops (super casual, easy to wear to the actual beach and back) Majority of resort for evening dining will require men to wear closed shoes . OPTIONAL: Lightweight slip-on close-toed shoes for your flight and back (if you’re traveling in the cooler weather months)

  • Comfortable, cute shorts or lightweight capris/pants (2-3 pairs to mix and match)

  • Comfortable, lightweight tops (tanks are great! 4 – 5 of these – they can get sweaty or sandy, so make sure you have enough)

  • Hat (baseball cap or floppy sunhat to shade you) Typically the resort gift shop will have plenty to purchase if you wish to buy one from the destination you are traveling.

  • Sunglasses, his and hers

  • Small Clutch (OPTIONAL – if you want something to carry around your room key/camera/lipstick when you go to dinner)

  • Hair Product to best accentuate your natural hair texture (there’s no time or desire to straighten your hair when you’re on tropical vacation)/Bobby Pins/Ponytail Holders

  • Curling Iron (only if you want to get fancy a night or two) NOTE typically resort will have a hair dryer available so not necessary to pack this. You can ask your travel agent Carlie with 2 Travel Anywhere, llc if your room will have a hair dryer.

  • A pair of Statement Earrings that will go with lots of outfits or a Statement Necklace (no need to accessorize too much on vacation!) — a little goes a long way. We would recommend to keep your expensive jewelry at home. Not that we have ever had anyone steal anything from any of our clients just always best out of sight out of mind..

  • Camera/Memory Card (maybe an extra)/Charger/Batteries

  • iPhone/Charger, iPad (OPTIONAL – only bring if you’ll actually use it on the plane or at the resort)

  • Passport

  • Marriage License copy, signed (don’t bring the real thing) this is to show through customs and to show at check in. The resort at check in like to see proof it is your honeymoon. With the proof of marriage license copy they will do something special during your honeymoon stay.

  • Resort & Flight Confirmations

  • Driver’s License (extra ID)

  • Credit Card (for emergencies) NOTE you will need to call your credit card that you are taking and let them know where you will be traveling or it will cancel upon using. Also be sure to ask what fees may occur while using the cc in another Country. Some credit cards have fees for using it in a different Country than the US.

  • Cash- Take at least $100 in small bills, cash, to tip (even though the resort includes gratuities, they really really appreciate tips and you’ll get better service. Worth it.) Except Sandals or Beaches Resorts the workers are not allowed to accept tips unless you have Butler Service.

  • Emergency Cash- NOTE getting smaller USD cash can be difficult depending where you are traveling.

  • Advil, Ibuprofen or Tyneol your preference.

  • Gas-X or Beano, if you want to avoid any unromantic moments onset by overindulging at the all-you-can-eat dinners. They have this at the gift shop as well. NOTE we have had some booked couples take Pro-botics before traveling as eating different foods from other Countries can upset your stomach.

  • Deodorant

  • Nausea medicine, if you’re prone to getting ill out of the country. The gift shop at the resort will sale this as well. NOTE the cost at the gift shop will be higher in price.

  • Contacts & a spare pair/Solution/Glasses

  • Toothbrush and Tooth Paste

  • A LOT of sunscreen (it’ll be $80 at the resort if you run out)/Sunblock chapstick

  • Aloe Vera (small container) if either of you burns easily or if you’re not vigilant about applying SPF

  • Razor

  • Face Soap, travel size

  • Makeup (not your whole kit — just some mascara and eyeliner, maybe a shade of eye shadow, and lipgloss. you don’t need much, you’ll be rocking the ‘newlywed glow!’)

  • Makeup Remover, travel size

  • Hairbrush

  • Contraceptives be sure to pack this in your carry on in case your luggage is delayed or lost.

  • Feminine products (even if you’re not expecting your period, you never know! Better to be safe than have to buy them overpriced at the airport and the resort will sale it in the gift shop)

  • Bug spray! If you are going somewhere tropical, there are bugs. With spraying bug spray will prevent from any bites. NOTE bug spray at the resort gift shop is expensive.

  • Cortisone, in case you slacked on applying the bug spray.

  • Ziploc bags in varying sizes, in case you want to protect your phone while you’re at the beach, OPTIONAL.

  • A trash bag to separate your dirty clothes from the clean, OPTIONAL but good idea.

  • Books or playing cards. My husband and I enjoy to play cards.

  • May want to leave little extra room in bag in case you decide to buy anything and bring it back.

  • NOTE typically luggage can't weigh more than 50 lbs as per airline that you check-in. Also airline typically has a luggage fee per bag you check-in

Just a few tips that I could think of for packing tropical honeymoon. Any other recommendations that you can think would be great to take with you for your honeymoon or vacation getaway?

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